WK 4-Artist Conversation- May Ta

Artist: May Ta

Exhibition: Closer

Media: Digital media, Ink, Water color, Acrylic paint and pastel

Gallery: Dennis W Deutzi Gallery

Instagram: maypta

Website: None

About the Artist

May Ta is a transferred student from Fullerton College to Cal State Long Beach because of our very great art program we have at Cal State Long Beach. May Ta is a Cal State Long Beach international student who is originally from Vietnam. Before May Ta’s intended major was engineering but later changed to become an art illustrator. The reason behind in becoming an art illustrator is because she wanted to relate more to the people and inspire them. She also expressed how she was surrounded by a family of scientist but wanted to express herself more other than in that particular field. At first her parents disapproved her decision on her change of major but slowly accepted her decision.

Formal Analysis

May Ta’s work is outstanding it was very detailed and stood out to the audiences. One of her work from the gallery that stood out to me was The Windows from 2016 made by digital media and ink jet printer. Her work consisted of six windows that seemed to be almost in a three dimensional art work.The exterior of her work had a real life frame windows with pictures as it seem to be there in real life. All six pieces were set on the way the gallery was displayed for viewers as if it was your own room.

Content Analysis 

The exhibit was explained by May Ta who expresses if one feels lonely its because one doesn’t belong in the same place they are at. Which the art pieces inside the gallery are displayed as a concept on being along in an isolated room. She also expressed that if you accept yourself you wouldn’t feel lonely anymore. The exhibition is combined by two artists who focusing there art theme about a persons relationship with themselves being lonely capturing our attention of this concept of work from May Ta.

Synthesis/ My Experience 

At first when I entered the gallery I was trying to convey the concept of how the painting were expressed in the room. I didn’t really quite understood it well enough until May Ta explained the reasoning behind the art work. She expressed how the message was to get across to convey isolation and lonesomeness. The way how the gallery was set up as a room from two sides of the walls being window of the rooming explaining the May Ta’s work on The Windows.




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