Wk 6-Artist Conversation-Sheila Garrett Rodriguez

Artist: Sheila Garrett Rodriguez

Exhibition: Were We Even Here

Media: Acrylic, Oil on canvas, Yarn, Plaster, Metal Screen, and Wallpaper

Gallery: Max L Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @sheilagarrettrodriguez

Website: http://www.sheilagarrettrodriguez.com

About the Artist

Sheila Rodriguez is a graduate student from Cal State Long Beach. Sheila Rodriguez’s art work reflects upon her life story about the past. She expresses her story by talking about her family movings to one place to another. Each piece placed in the gallery signifies a memory of her past from her movings. She continues to explain more deeply about the reasons behind her family moving house to house. It was caused by a financial reasons or her mother remarried. From all the art pieces in the gallery she was able to tell us that the paint portrait was the most time consuming in her work. I also asked what material does she like as an artist she replied with working with wool.

Formal Analysis

Sheila Rodriguez’s work is very meaningful and outstanding, it stood out to the audience very well. One of her work from the gallery that stood out to me was the House For Sale made by window screen, embroidery floss, and paper.This art work of hers’s really brought meaning to me of how her story is reflected upon her work. It consisted of a large metal screen from a window with a sign put up against it saying house for sale. Not only this work is very creative but it gives great amount of significant meaning.

Content Analysis

The exhibit was explained by Sheila Rodriguez who expresses her work of art with a background story of herself. She defines the meaning of a home space not only by the physical building, but also the private space with in. She uses certain home pieces to define her concept of the work. For example she uses her grandmothers chair and bed frame in the middle of the room capturing center of attention of all pieces put together. She also ties in her experience both an open and multicultural society.

Synthesis/ My Experience 

When I first entered the room I was very interested on what was the significant meaning behind the art work. I was trying to convey what was the meaning behind the whole room in general util I saw a house for sale sign. The house for sale sign gave me an idea behind the whole concept of the work put in. So I asked Sheila Rodriguez about her work as she expresses how the gallery room is actually reflecting on her life story and heritage.



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