Wk 10 – Fiber Art Social Activity

This weeks art activity was fiber art social activity with all the students @ 2:30 class. It was pretty interesting having to do this activity with all my classmates and made me think about how social networking is applied to my regularly daily life. I would say the term “Social Network” is applied to almost every human being in this century today as to your RL life, my RL life and physical friends. Depending which friends you have more connection to physically in this world other than those online that you might not even have a close friend relationship with. Dunbar’s Number does makes sense to me as to having a stable social relationship with at least around 150 people because its depends who you consider friend to be more closer to you than the rest of them. Having Facebook “friends” of more than a thousand doesn’t necessarily mean you actual have that many. They are basically people you might know them from other friends, have met in the past, worked together as co workers, or even family that you might not even interact with but you still know they are your family.Making a social networking in Art 110 it did surprised me with alot of connections I’ve met with students within the class. My personal number would be about 100 people in having a close relationships in my life. I do have more “friends” on Facebook or any other social media because those “extra friends” are people I’ve met along the way from my childhood up to this date or as a mutual friends from the friends I actually know. These weak ties have brought me new resources like a job, a date and other amazing events to attend like concerts, etc.


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