Wk 10-Artist Conversation-Tony Nguyen

Artist: Tony Nguyen

Exhibition: Neoteny

Media: Metal

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino

Instagram: elll_tigre

Website: eltigresite.wordpress.com

About The Artist

I was able to meet Tony Nguyen at the SOA Galleries about his artwork based on his Neoteny exhibition. Tony Nguyen was able to present us his artwork based on metals he was able to create it into a form of art. Before he was fascinated about three dimensional media specifically metals, he was a demonstration major. Which later he became more interested in 3-D media on metals. He has attended at CSULB for about five years and a half now with one last semester left to graduate. Also presenting his exhibition of Neoteny art pieces to the BFA program.

Formal Analysis

Tony Nguyen’s art work was very outstanding to me with all the creativity made from his skills on metals and creating it into a form of art. There were certain pieces that had caught my attention for example the monkey crown and the toy dispenser. The monkey king crown displayed was very amusing to me mainly because it had these long feathers sticking out of the crown that caught my attention. Also I found the metal hand gears made the monkey king crown standout very well as the center of attention. The pieces itself how they were displayed in the gallery had a great significance. As he also explains how his art pieces took him from four to six weeks to make.

Content Analysis

Each 15 pieces had their own significant story the one I was more interested in was the monkey king crown. Behind the significance of this piece was based on a Vietnamese story that is given by Nguyen. He basically revolved around this crown because it became a great symbol of achievement of making the metal show and graduating from CSULB. Also as he explains how Neoteny is defined as the retention of juvenile features in the adult animal. As he further explains the meaning of the word is what he really enjoys to make his pieces that bring part of his childhood back into his adult life.


I was very intrigued by Nguyen’s work in the art gallery the way it was setup to standout certain metal pieces. The art pieces weren’t just interesting but the creativity how Nguyen was able to do with metals is an amazing skill to learn and use. The exhibition was really unique and interesting from the beginning when entering the gallery. For example the toy dispenser was really amazing that the fact it reminded me about my childhood. Also how it manage to make the room very oddly satisfy the mood just right to the point it makes you sit and think about all this amazing work it’s put into the exhibition.


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