Wk 11-Artist Conversation-Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: Janus Maxim

Media: Print making, film, woodblock, and sculptures

Gallery: Marilyn Werby

Website: Kylekruseart.com

Instagram: None


At the SOA Gallery I was able to meet Kyle Kruse and see his very interesting artwork display. He is currently attending at CSULB and on his last semester there. He started to talk about his background that has lead him to his artwork. He first started off in college as a physics major with no courses or any experience in art. He eventually became a print making major because he lived in house surrounded by print making. So became fascinated by print making that inspired him from his house.


Kyle Kruse’s artwork was very appealing in a way it was very dark and mysterious setup. Before you enter the room it was very dark but dim with three headed figures. The three headed figures are based from Greco-Roman teaching myths of Prometheus, Sisyphus, and Janus. These three figures also had a frame behind it that resembles a humongous picture of it. How well the each frame and the three head figures were aligned perfectly as you face it in its direction. As well as the films the way the tv also was aligned to each head representing Prometheus, Sisphus, and Janus.


Each head figure represented Prometheus, Sisphus, and Janus that were represent differently as a meaning. Kyle explains each one for prometheus whom is forever chained in a circle of consumption for providing humanity with fire and civilization. Sisphus, forever climbing his hill in the fires of Tartarus for trying to cheat on death and prior for breaking his society’s social contracts. For Janus in the center the god of beginnings , endings, gateways, transitions. With each film also projecting each one of them their significance meaning in the room. The room is very perfectly aligned along each head figure in the room.


I was very intrigued the way the room was setup from the beginning. At first I felt as if I was in a different dimension completely away from home. The darkness and the films being played way across the room to reflect on the three gods myths. Also as you walk around the room there was something put on the ground at first i thought it was sand and rocks. As we talked to the artist Kyle Kruse he was able to mention to us that the sand and the rocks are to be an interpretation of ashes and broken bones.



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