Wk 12-Artist Conversation-Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: Bio

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi

Website: None

Instagram: None

About The Artist 

At the SOA Galleries I was able to meet Sage Garver and talk about her artwork. She is currently attending at CSULB and this is her last semester there. She started to talk us about her background with her artwork. First, she starts talking about herself that led the details behind her exhibition. As she explains about her background growing up as a child with illnesses that she has experienced throughout her life. She was able to use that experience and make it correspond with her artwork. Her major was  illustration and drawing, then majored in sculpture.

Formal Analysis 

Sage Garver’s artwork was very appealing to me at the SOA Galleries. The way it was setup in the gallery, the hanging piece in the middle of the room caught my attention. The way the sculptures pieces were placed on the walls in different shapes and sizes. The lighting of the room was more towards the center of the piece made out of gold chains and plastic material. When approaching into the gallery at first it felt as if the walls were guarding the center piece, making it have a great significance towards the center piece. Also explains the artwork took about a month to setup the pieces into the gallery.

Content Analysis

In Sage Garver’s artwork she explains the importance behind the center middle piece as well as the ones placed on the walls. As she explains the exhibition itself is related to bio, with all the sculptures created in shape and sizes on the walls relate to the surface of a body, patterns and symptoms emerging. She also tells us the significant meaning behind the center piece. The center piece had a plastic form material surrounded by the god chains represented to be ambiguous of the nucleus and unifying element of the body. The way the gallery was displayed as a three dimensional space resembling our body the way it’s set up.


I was very appealed and intrigued by her artwork at the SOA Galleries. When I first stepped into the gallery I thought the sculptures on the walls gave me an image of the sea. As I looked more into the artwork I started to understand the significant meaning behind each piece. The exhibition Bio resembles Garver’s backstory as a child growing up with an illness that gives the gallery a greater impact to the audience. Once you understand the great meaning behind this artwork it makes you understand about your thoughts more closely towards the gallery.


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