Wk 15- Artist Conversation

Artist: Sam Medeiros

Exhibition: Art Sale

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: onetruesam

About the Artist

This week in the SOA Galleries was pretty cool and never thought there would be an art sale. Also I was able to interview Sam Medeiros at the galleries who’s actually part of the art sale. Not only this was pretty amazing art sale we also had the chance to touch and buy one of there art pieces. Sam is a senior who attends at CSULB majoring in sculpture. He’s majoring in sculpture mainly because he heard people that it was a great thing to do, which he ended up enjoying it.

Formal Analysis

As I was looking around the gallery there were so many amazing art pieces from wood working, sculpture, and print making. The one that caught my attention was a chess piece. Sam used wood, acrylic and resin with a smooth wooden box to create this amazing beautiful art piece. The details seen for each chess piece for example the pawn, queen, king….etc, shows how much Sam’s details really stood out. It also captured my attention how inside the smooth wooden box has these slots so each piece is put in place neatly. You can tell how much work is been put into it, the details shows it very well its just outstanding.

Content Analysis

The chess piece its self in the art sale cost about three hundred dollars, but personally I would buy on the spot mainly because I love to play chess. So the chess piece took about ten days to do and took a majority of Sam’s time on accomplishing it. He personally created this piece because he likes to play games and especially chess. Eventually people would come around to see this amazing chess piece and buy it, I would but at the same time I don’t have three hundred dollars to spend right away.


When I walked through the gallery I was first astonished that it was an art sale. Also most importantly we could touch or maybe even buy one of the art pieces displayed. This weeks artist conversation was by far been the best and interesting to do at the SOA Galleries. So as I walked around the gallery I was able to see wood working piece displayed in the center of the gallery. Then these cool headphones that the artist was able to be creative on. Lastly that captured my attention is the chess piece. I was considering to touch each piece because it was so amazing and beautiful that I was afraid I might break or drop it. Overall the gallery had pretty interesting pieces all around room and are able to be purchased.


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