Wk 15-EC: My Feedback

During my semester in Art 110 my favorite three activities are Plaster Casting, Graffiti Writing, and Fiber Art Social Networking. My three least favorite were Instagram, Vlogs, and Sketching in the Garden. For my three favorite activities I listed worked really well for me because I found it very interesting to do in art 110. This class made me become more aware and open with the activities  I have never thought of doing in my life. I find the class be very fun and interesting overall with all the activities. The reason my three least favorite activities didn’t work for me because I didn’t looked forward to it. Mostly, for my least favorite activity was because most people today are very private about themselves on our Instagram activity or Vlogs. Even though I was not comfortable doing the activity I was able to manage my way around it by creating a new Instagram profile for the class. After doing the activity I realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, you just have to be a little open about yourself.  The class in general as a hybrid format I really liked overall. Though at first it was kind of difficult to figure out online but overtime you get use to it. The SOA Galleries I found it great to do about the artists artwork and there backstory behind it. The classmate conversation is great as well as getting to meet new people in your class. The samples weren’t really necessary to show to classmates but its a great way to represent it on your website, to capture students attention. I would see the ePortfolio a great useful way for art majors but not necessarily for other majors. WordPress is a useful tool for student to show work and express themselves on their website. Art Talk OTW video is useful to us students to learn in art 110 and the discussion on the website are good. I don’t see the need of change on the discussion website.


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