Wk 15- Finger Painting Activity

For this week is our last activity in art 1110 for the semester and its finger painting. This activity was kind of dirty for the most part and the paint dried quickly on my fingers, but it was fun overall. My experience about this activity was different, it was messy in general but while I was finger paining was creating a different color paint. I used red, blue, and brown color paint. At first when I started painting the red and blue paint color mixed together change to a violet color which I thought gave it a better look. For this activity i found it harder than I expected because the brown paint color didn’t make my finger painting better. Personally I thought the brown paint color didn’t give it a better correlating color. The experience of making a painting with no subject was weird but alos interested about the outcome mostly for me confusing and frustrating. I found it confusing and frustrating probably because the use of the brown paint color didn’t correlate well. The Graffiti writing does have a resemblance regarding paint but also differently the way we used paint. There might be a connection between them regarding how painting is expressed as an inspiration or abstraction.



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